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MP3 Jukebox software: RaidenTunes

RaidenTunes Jukebox software allows you to listen to your MP3/WMA music albums from any place with a common web browser such as IE or Firefox.

With RaidenTunes MP3 Jukebox software, it immediately turns your computer into a web based jukebox, you can browse for music albums, search songs in your music server, listen to them without using other music player software but only a web browser such as IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and even a PlayStation3.

* RaidenTunes Jukebox software supports IE, Firefox(Win/Mac/Linux), Chrome, Opera, Safari(Win/Mac), PlayStation3 and IE for Windows Mobile.

What is RaidenTunes Jukebox Software?

RaidenTunes MP3 Jukebox software is a Web server based MUSIC SERVER software that allows You to setup an online audio server quickly. It can scan the music folders in Your PC and organize them into a built in database, allowing users to connect to this server and browser/search and listen to the music securely. Interaction between users is also possible with built in message board for albums. There are a lot of handy features, try it and You will love it.

Access to Your Jukebox from anywhere by Windows PC or PDA/SmartPhone

streaming server

RaidenTunes MP3 Jukebox software organizes Your music collection and allows You to access them when You go out or are using another computer, no matter You are using a Windows PC or a Window Mobile PDA/SmartPhone, RaidenTunes can work with web browsers on those platforms. So no matter where You are, You can access to Your music collection from anywhere without carrying them in the memory card.

RaidenTunes MP3 Jukebox software
Listen to Your streaming music on RaidenTunes by Laptop, PDA or SmartPhone

Discussing with friends or fans of Your digital streaming music

music server

RaidenTunes is a multi users Jukebox software, You can create accounts for Your family members or friends, or even fans of Your music creation, It has built in discussion boards for each album, people can leave opinions of the albums on it. And there are also automatically generated top lists of most popular songs and albums so all the users behaviors will result into a dynamic music web site.

RaidenTunes album discussion features, click to enlarge

Organizing Your MP3/WMA with RaidenTunes Jukebox software

mp3 organizer

RaidenTunes isn't just a HTTP file server that only allows You to download a digital music file and listen to it, it can sort Your music files by artist, genre, album, date, displays the cover arts and lyrics to You if they are available in the folders. It's very convenient to use, just like the itunes or the windows-media-player softwares You are already using in the local computer.

RaidenTunes album listing in icon or table views, click to enlarge

Search lots of songs, within few seconds

mp3 wma music server

Organizing all of Your music files with RaidenTunes MP3 Jukebox, It supports MP3 and WMA audio files(with or without DRM), It detects meta tags in MP3 or WMA and imports them into a build in database so You can search them at anytime quickly. You never need to sort or rename Your music collection folders again, let the RaidenTunes do the job for You, All You need to do is to enjoy Your online music.

RaidenTunes mp3/wma searching features, click to enlarge

My favorite playlists, the music baskets

make playlist of mp3 or wma

Each user account in the RaidenTunes streaming server system can manage their own playlist of songs, You can create Your own playlist which consists songs and albums, You can even share Your playlist with another account in the system, or if You are siteop, You can create public playlists that all users will be able to use, so If You want to promote any album, You got the way to do it

RaidenTunes basket features, click to enlarge

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