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Using Windows Media Player 11 to rip audio cd to mp3 or wma is easy, no matter you want to convert your audio cd to mp3 or wma, Windows Media Player 9,10,11 do the job.

The first step to convert an audio cd into mp3 is to get the CD title from the box, and place it into the cd-rom drive.

Windows Media Player CD Ripping

After you insert the cd to the cd/dvd/bd-rom drive, You will see that there is an Audio CD icon in "Your computer"

Start your Windows Media Player software, but brefore we start to rip the audio cd, We need to do a little setting.

Goto menu-tools-option

Windows Media Player CD to MP3 ripping software

Click on the '' tab, change the path to the location you want to store your MP3 files, for example C:\Music

Then, change the rip format to MP3, the suggested audio quality would be 128kbps-192kbps.

Once the setting is saved, You can start to rip the music, click on RIP tab and click start.

Windows Media Player will try to obtain TAGs for the songs

You can also see the progress of ripping, while Windows Media Player is ripping the audio cd.

After the cd ripping is finished, We can import these music titles into RaidenTunes network music station software.

After you import the songs into the RaidenTunes network music station system, You will be able to listen to your favorite music from anywhere.

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