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Using baskets

RaidenTunes system allows each user account to mange his own baskets, a basket is a container which can hold a list of songs or albums, for user to playback the songs listed in it quickly.

Each user has a default basket, and he can create new baskets and manage items in the basket, sending the basket to the others or delete the basket.

Browsing the content of a basket: simply click on any basket name, the content of the basket will be displayed in the center block, You can empty, delete, transfer, or setting it as shared basket if You are a siteop account. Or You can click the play button to playback the songs in the basket.

Setting a basket as working basket: simply click at any basket, and it becomes working basket, You can then add songs or albums into the currently working basket.

Storing Music in Baskets: To store a song OR Album in a basket simply put a chech mark beside the SONG or ALBUM and then place your mouse to the LEFT of the Basket and click the Highlithed plus sign ( + ) .

New basket: click this link to create a new basket, remember that please do not use a too long name so it will fit in Your left menu block.

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