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1. Using MySQL database to replace the built-in SQLite database engine <previous | next >

RaidenTunes requires database server to manage and store the musical meta data, however it does not require You to install a database server because it comes with built-in high speed SQLite database engine. However if You run a very large commercial online music server, You may need it to be integrated with MySQL professional database servers, don't worry because RaidenTunes supports MySQL 4-5 database servers.

The built-in SQLite engine isn't too much slower than MySQL when Your database is not too large, however using MySQL may bring extra benifits to You because it will be easier to administrate by using 3rd party database management utilities such as PhpMyAdmin..

To connect RaidenTunes to MySQL isn't hard, simply goto menu-system-system setting and select the database type, however You may need to edit the htdocs\scripts-php\variables.php under RaidenTunes folder for database username and password if it is not set to root/empty string by default.

Selecting MySQL as database type in RaidenTunes

Note: RaidenTunes only supports MySQL 4.0x and 5.0x series, We can not guarantee if it will work on other versions of MySQL.

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