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Using existing live song lyric

Live lyric (displaying song lyric during the song playback) is one of the most important feature for any music player software, and RaidenTunes is no exception, no matter you are using embedded player or popup player, you can use the live lyric feature.

note: live song lyric works on all PC/MAC browsers but the editor feature is only for Internet Explorer.

Live lyric demo (embedded windows media player)
mp3 lyric display

The live lyric is very convenient so how can we enable it in RaidenTunes? First of all you got to have a song, and import it to RaidenTunes, goto the page for that album.

Now you have the song, and you need the lyric, of course you can type it by yourself, but it's faster to look it up from the internet lyric database sites.

We recommend this site for lyric searching: http://www.lyrics.com/

For example, type "because of you" and click GO to search the lyric of this song.


After you find the lyric, select them all, and copy it to the clipboard.

search lyric

Go back to RaidenTunes's album page, and click edit lyrics

make your own dynamic lyrics

When you are in the song lyric page, select the proper song title, and paste the lyric into the edit box.

You can click save to save the lyric now, but if the lyric has no timeline, sorry the lyric is still static, it's not live lyric and it will not be displayed during song playback.

Making live lyric by yourself

RaidenTunes allows you to view the live lyric during song playback, and you can use built-in editor to make your own dynamic lyric.

First of all, PLAY the song that you want to edit the lyric of it.

play live lyric

And then click edit lyric and select the song title you are listening. Paste the lyric in the edit box.

edit lyric

Check the checkbox of enable the dynamic lyric editing keys: and now you can move the mouse cursor on the beginning of each line in the lyric and click shift key when the time is right, you will see that the timeline code is automatically added when you click the shift key, you can repeat the songs for several times to complete the live lyric.

move the mouse cursor to the beginning of each line

click shift key when the time is right


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