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The following information apply to RaidenTunes v2.0.x

RaidenTunes v2.0.x offers great compatibility cross platforms and browsers. There is almost no need to configure anything on browsers now. But some browser plugins must be installed on client side PC, luckily most of the people may already have them.

On Windows PC, the client must have Adobe Flash Player, Apple QuickTime or Microsoft Windows Media Player installed. and then they can use IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari browsers to enjoy RaidenTunes.

On MAC, the client must have Adobe Flash Player, Apple QuickTime and the Safari browser that he may already have.

On Windows Mobile 5,6 PDAs, the default IE and Windows Media Player is supported.

The following information apply to RaidenTunes v1.0.x

To use the full power of RaidenTunes, You need the Windows 98,Me,Xp,2000,2003,Vista (and Windows Mobile 5,6) with IE 6/7 and Windows Media Player . When using different browsers and versions, some settings maybe needed.

Recommended Playback environment setup

To avoid problems and be able to maximize the power of RaidenTunes, we simply recommend You to use IE6 oe IE7 with Windows Media Player 10-11 with the embedded player setting.

first of all, we request You to update Your operating system and IE/Windows Media Player/Browsers to the latest versions, older versions are not guaranteed to work with RaidenTunes.

Internet Explorer 6 (IE6): default settings works with RaidenTunes. Possible to work with embedded player and popup player.

Internet Explorer 7 (IE7): default settings will block the popup dialog box, You need to allow it on RaidenTunes web server. Possible to work with embedded player and popup player. (in some cases IE7 may block the popup player)

Opera 9.21+ : embedded player is impossible to work under Opera, we don't recommend You to use it unless there is no other choice. Popup player is working with Opera.

FireFox works with popup player, but You need to associate .asx to Windows Media Player.

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