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2. RaidenTunes software installation <previous | next >

RaidenTunes software installation is quick and easy, just follow the setup instructions as below.

Get Your music server online within minutes, with RaidenTunes

Please use our All-in-one setup program which includes PHP, RaidenTunes, RaidenHTTPD core edition.

Download from here

Step 1

Execute the setup program.

Agree with the license agreement and continue.

It's best to install to default location.

Please check all components unless You know what You are doing.

It is required to use our php.ini setting in order to run RaidenTunes, if You want to manually add everything necessary to Your existing php.ini, please refer to this page, or check the necessary php.ini settings here

NOTE: If you see errors like this one 'error opening file for writing', that means some system dll files which need to be updated is in use by another software in your windows, try to close other softwares and click Retry. If you closed everything you know, the dll still can not be written, try to click Ignore, the program may still work, but not guaranteed.

Step 2

When the setup is finished, the welcome screen is displayed. If You do not see this screen, try to hit ALT+TAB and find this window.

Click next to continue.

If You have anything else that uses port 80 already, please specify a different number such as 81 , If You have a Windows Firewall or UPnP router, You may want to open port 80 on them. If Your router or firewall can not be configured automatically, please open them manually, read router

You need to Install, Launch the service before You can connect to RaidenTunes. When You click launch button, If there is a firewall in the sytem, it may request for permission of running RaidenHTTPD, Please allow it.

Click finish and RaidenTunes tray icon may appear, and RaidenTunes welcome center will be launched.

You can double click on this icon to launch RaidenTunes welcome screen, or right mouse click on it to open the menu.

When RaidenTunes tray icon starts, firewall may request for permission again, please also allow it.

Step 3

RaidenTunes welcome center, click 1st RaidenTunes button to begin to use RaidenTunes

When You click the RaidenTunes button, Your web browser will be started

Now You can start to apply Your first account and it will be the siteop account.

note: You can buy a license now to enable full features of RaidenTunes.

to see what to do Next, see Add songs

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