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Playback of songs

There is only one button to push if You want to playback songs, just remember that the checked items in the center block will always be played, no matter it's an album or a single song. So You can playback a whole album or multiple albums by checking the checkboxes and then click the Play button.

The play button of RaidenTunes

Browsing for Your music collection

Using RaidenTunes to listen to the music is convenient, You can browse for the albums in the system by 7 default categories. It is certainly better than just using directory browsing to find the music You like.

Sub menu items in the playlist menu

Looking for songs

When You want to look for a specific artist or album or even songs, You can use the search engine in RaidenTunes, simply enter the keyword and click the spyglass butoon to search.

Search box of RaidenTunes

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