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3. Adding songs into RaidenTunes system <previous | next >

RaidenTunes is an empty box after You finished the installation, You still need to add songs into it before You can enjoy the music online. You need to use it to scan Your music folders in Your harddisks so users of RaidenTunes can listen to the music collection.

RaidenTunes scanner can detect unicode meta tags in Your MP3/WMA files, it supports most of the popular tags so You probably don't need to edit the artist/album/titles after the scan finishes.

Ok, now it's time to scan the songs from Your harddisk, first login RaidenTunes by a siteop level account, and click menu-sysmte-add songs.

RaidenTunes - add songs - scanning mp3 from harddisks

Just enter a valid scanning path, and click begin to scan, note that the path must be local path, but not network path, and the scanning process may takes more than 30 minutes if You are scanning a 320gb harddisk drive.

note: You can buy a license now to enable Adding unlimited songs to the system.

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