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You can try RaidenTunes online music server software for free, then decide to buy it or not.

Release date 2012.06.17
Compatible with Windows 98, 2000-2008, XP, Vista, Win7
Browser support IE6-8, Safari for PC&Mac&iOS4(iPhone&iPad), Chrome, Opera, Firefox for Win/Mac/Linux, NetFront for PlayStation 3
Installation only takes 1 minute, share Your music creations with the world now.

RaidenTunes is a shareware, that means You can try it before You buy it, RaidenTunes trial version opens all features for You to test. If You want to register it and get a full licensed version, please click the following link.

RaidenTunes versions difference and how to register

Trial edition limits
1. max 2 user accounts
2. max 50 songs to be imported
3. except the account application and MySQL support, You can try any feature in ultimate edition

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